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Pod-TST: All-Pro players and Thursday’s injury report

Let’s talk postseason accolades before the team takes the field on Saturday afternoon.

NFL: JAN 03 Cardinals at Rams Photo by Kevin Reece/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Around 24 hours from now, the Rams will be in the middle of their first playoff game since the 2018 season which also happens to be against a divisional rival in the Seahawks. Seattle comes in with a sterling 12-4 record while the Rams have their own respectable mark at 10-6. Each team won their home contest against the other, resulting in a season split in the series. Both games were classic intra-divisional dogfights that any fan of any team would have appreciated.

In part three of the series, the stakes will obviously be much higher. Both teams are rather healthy, but the Rams may be missing their most-important player when the game kicks: quarterback Jared Goff. Goff will be less than two weeks removed from having thumb surgery and with the weather expected to be cold, the elements will not be in the team’s favor.

In today’s pod, I discuss the team’s final injury report from Thursday, the team’s individual honors they passed out this week, and the pair of Rams who made the NFL’s All-Pro squad.