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15 key matchups to watch for in Rams-Seahawks

I had to narrow it down

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

I have said it 18 times before and I’ll say it 18 times again: The Los Angeles Rams are facing the Seattle Seahawks this Saturday in the wild card round.

Many people are focusing on the key matchups, like Jalen Ramsey vs DK Metcalf, Jamal Adams vs Cam Akers, Aaron Donald vs history. I’ve got some of that in here, plus like 13 or 14 others.

Jalen Ramsey vs DK Metcalf

Enough people have covered this.

Chris Carson vs Micah Kiser and/or Troy Reeder

Carson didn’t rush for over 80 yards in any game this season, but Seattle may not find fortunes when passing the ball.

Aaron Donald vs Ethan Pocic

Donald rarely doesn’t win, but even rarerly does he not win against the Seahawks.

Rob Havenstein or Andrew Whitworth vs Carlos Dunlap

Dunlap has provided a boost to Seattle’s pass rush but he didn’t notch a sack in either game against the Rams. Notch is one of those words that really fits what it means.

Duane Brown vs Leonard Floyd

Floyd had five sacks in those two games. A real notch above, if you ask me.

Cooper Kupp vs DJ Reed

I’m throwing caution to the wind in saying that Reed will cover Kupp. I don’t know who any of these CB-WR matchups are going to be. This whole thing is a lie.

Robert Woods vs Shaquill Griffin

In any case, how the Rams’ top two receivers do — especially given the uncertainty at QB — will mean a lot with regards to the outcome.

Tyler Lockett vs Darious Williams


Jamal Adams vs John Wolford

If Wolford starts, he might become Adams’ main focus with regards to his rushing attempts. If Jared Goff starts, I believe this will be less of a concern for the Rams.

Russell Wilson vs Aaron Donald

Wilson has put up some numbers against the Rams in the last few years, but that hasn’t been the case in the last three — not since Ramsey joined Donald on that side.

Johnny Hekker vs Michael Dickson

Field position will go for triple on the importance scale this weekend.

Matt Gay vs Jason Myers

Myers has made a lot of straight field goals, but few were beyond 50 and he’s missed four extra points. Gay was a free agent not long ago, but has kicked about as well as a guy who was a fifth round pick a year ago should kick. Much like a vision board, this game may come down to making your goals.

Nsimba Webster vs DJ Reed

Respective punt returners.

Jake McQuaide vs Tyler Ott

Respective longsnappers. It’s my list, I can add who I want to.

Sean McVay vs Pete Carroll

Noted offensive coach meets noted defensive coach. Guess which one hasn’t scored an offensive touchdown in eight quarters and guess which one finished 31st in passing yards allowed.