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Rams fan confidence poll: Will LA make a change at quarterback?

Will the Rams part ways with their starting quarterback?

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

All of last year I had all but written off the idea of the LA Rams being able to get away from Jared Goff in 2021. It seemed improbable, given his contract situation and the Rams’ lack of flexibility.

The possibility of it happening seems far less remote now, given actions by Sean McVay in the postseason and comments by McVay and Les Snead once LA’s season was over.

The Rams being able to trade Goff and still have room for an upgrade at quarterback remains complicated, but as we saw with Brandin Cooks in 2020, sometimes the team will make a change even if it saves them no money and all but assures a downgrade at the position in the short term. Cooks was more than effective for the Houston Texans and the Rams continue to have a need on offense for a receiver much like him.

But they moved Cooks at a time when they felt that they could never do any better on a return. Is now Snead’s final opportunity to move Goff before it’s “too late”?

The Detroit Lions are aggressively shopping Matthew Stafford. The Texans are playing hard ball with any team that calls about Deshaun Watson. The Green Bay Packers have a quarterback-in-waiting if they decide to do the unthinkable with Aaron Rodgers. And the Rams are saying what restaurants in the SoFi Stadium area wish they could be saying right now: “We’re open for business.”

It’s an odd trade market at an odd time and the fallout is unpredictable, but who the starting quarterback is for all 32 teams in Week 1 of the 2021 season should be no less than unusual.

Will the starting quarterback for the Rams that week be just as unpredictable, or is the team simply seeing what’s out there and motivating Goff to “be better” next season?

You tell us!


How confident are you that the Rams will trade Jared Goff before the 2021 season?

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