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Matthew Stafford reportedly on Rams’ radar

Could this mean that Jared Goff might be headed to the Detroit Lions?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions
Matthew Stafford
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

This has escalated quickly.

The Los Angeles Rams appear to be definitely interested in replacing quarterback Jared Goff, as ESPN reported Friday afternoon that they are entertaining the idea of trading for Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, who will be moved this offseason.

Apparently, Stafford would like to play for the Rams. Who wouldn’t wanna swap Detroit for LA?

It’s stunning that the Rams are already in discussions to make a starting quarterback change. That means they have probably decided to move on from Goff. Remember that new Detroit general manager Brad Holmes came from the Rams, so the two sides have great communication.

Perhaps Goff, who the Rams have declined to commit to, will be part of the trade with Detroit. The Lions will need to replace Stafford, who will be 33 this season, and Holmes knows Goff, 26, well, although there are clearly salary-cap complications within this deal.

Buckle up as this may come to a head soon. Sports Illustrated thinks that Stafford could be traded next week, even though it won’t be official until March.

The Rams don’t have a first-round pick this year because of the Jalen Ramsey trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars, so perhaps Goff will be part of the Stafford deal if it gets finalized.

Whatever happens, this news means the Rams are serious about a quarterback change and we need to keep our eyes peeled on this on.