Four WRs the Rams should target in their draft

Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going to write a little scouting report of my own on four wide receivers that I would like the Rams to target in this draft. I’m not going to cover any of the probable first round picks like Jamarr Chase or Rondale Moore…only four guys who should be available in round 2 or 3.

One nice thing about all four guys is they played against top competition. I’m always a little leery of a receiver that put up big numbers, but they were all against teams like Barleycorn U.

First is Kadarius Toney. 6’0 190 lbs from Florida.

This guy is electric. He’s a running back after the catch…can plant his foot, stop, and change direction instantly. Honestly reminds me of Gale Sayers. He ran a lot of jet sweeps at Florida, and handled kickoff and punt returns, which immediately helps the Rams unload Nsimba Webster. Has great hands and is good tracking the ball over his shoulder, and ran a variety of routes at Florida, not just the deep pass. Not a fumbler. Very hard to bring down. Worries? Well, Florida receivers don’t always do well in the NFL for some reason. They rack up big yards in college but that doesn’t always translate to the pros. Percy Harvin is an exception, and Toney is very similar but with a much better attitude. Harvin was a prima donna. Toney runs a low 4.4 40.

Second is another Florida boy, but Florida State. Tamorrion Terry, a shade over 6’4" and 205.

A mismatch nightmare. This guy can jump right off the planet. Also tracks the deep ball pretty well…caught many bombs at FSU and burned Notre Dame, Clemson, Florida, and Miami several times. Great hands, and can be very shifty for such a big man. I saw him outrun Clemson DBs and Florida DBs, and those players aren’t slow. Don’t know what his 40 time is, but I bet it’s under 4.5. Like most tall receivers, it takes a few steps to get to full speed, but watching him catch a pass near 3 Clemson defenders, and then turn on the jets and outrun all of them 30 yards….and pull away….was beautiful. He’ll win jump balls every time, and is a perfect red zone target. Worries? Some concentration drops. And I’d like to see him add 10 pounds of muscle onto his frame. He could do that and not sacrifice any speed. He’s a little slender for the rigors of the NFL, but Ike Bruce wasn’t Schwarzenegger either.

Third is a guy I’ve mentioned before. Marquez Stevenson from Houston. 6’0" 190.

Another slim burner that is blazing fast. He’s a 4.3 40 guy, and you can tell by watching Houston highlights, he can really fly, and simply pulls away from CBs covering him. Never, ever gets caught from behind. Gets to top speed in 2 steps. Seems to have good hands, but I did notice he’s more of a body catcher. I saw him grab a screen pass that was inaccurate, just pluck it out of the air, and turn on the jets and score even though he was surrounded by defenders. He is really good at seeing the entire field and finding a seam to get to the end zone. Worries? Again, he’s pretty slim. Might not make a difference….Mike Wallace was about the same size. Also, Houston ran the "spread" offense, so he may need to learn different routes and route running.

Fourth is a track star from Auburn. Anthony Schwarz. 6’0" 180.

He’s the fastest man in college football and ran a 4.24 in track. He’s a very good athlete, good hands and also ran a lot of jet sweeps for Auburn. He’s not going to block anybody, and he’s not really shifty…he gets the ball in his hands and runs, and that’s usually enough. He’s like a taller Brandin Cooks. Not a lot of wiggle, but he’s still electric and he’s a threat to score every time he touches the ball. Worries? He’s very slight, and needs to bulk up at least a little. His route tree is more limited than the other 3 guys. But, he is tough. He always pops right back up after a hard tackle.
I’d love to read a scouting report on any of these guys from Ferragamo. There are little things he notices that I don’t see at all. I don’t mean to make all these guys sound like the 2nd coming of Jerry Rice or Calvin Johnson.

But one of these four will be the answer to not having a deep threat on the Rams, and should be available when they pick, and the nice thing is, none of them are particularly short.