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Eagles, Texans, Chargers conducting interviews with Brandon Staley this week

LA will talk to Staley for a second time on Sunday

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The LA Rams did not shut down the Green Bay Packers offense like they had hoped on Saturday, but that has not done anything to slow down defensive coordinator Brandon Staley’s popularity with open head coaching positions. According to Tom Pelissero, Staley will interview with the LA Chargers on Sunday — Staley’s second meeting with the Chargers — and he will be talking to the Houston Texans after that.

Next up: the Philadelphia Eagles, who plan to fly Staley out on Monday if he hasn’t already agreed to terms with LA or Houston.

The Rams had the number one defense in 2020 and Staley has been called “the next Sean McVay” by some because of his rapid ascension since becoming an NFL assistant coach only four years ago. The Eagles most likely would want a head coach who is committed to “fixing” quarterback Carson Wentz, while the Texans would love someone who eases tensions with Deshaun Watson.

Will the Chargers pair him with Justin Herbert before either of those organizations get a chance?