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2021 NFL Draft

Saturday Fan Confidence Poll: Post-Draft Rams edition

How confident are you that the Rams are the best team in the NFC West?

Pod-TST: Which 7th round pick has best chance to make the Rams roster?

Jake Funk, Ben Skowrenek, and Chris Garrett are vying for a spot

Daniel Jeremiah must have hated the Rams 2021 draft too

LA hasn’t gotten good scores for their draft this year, which probably means that the future is bright

2 new Rams, 4 new facts: Bobby Brown III and Jake Funk

Get to know Jake Funk and Bobby Brown III

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Ernest Jones draft scouting report

3 new Rams, 3 new facts

A little more insight into Tutu Atwell, Jacob Harris, and Ernest Jones

A closer look at Alaric Jackson

What are the expectations for Jackson?

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Tutu Atwell and the modern "gadget"

Rams draft grades includes one A! (Mostly Cs and Ds)

What they were saying after the draft

Updated Rams 53-man roster projection following the 2021 NFL Draft

The results are in: What the draft says about the competition at these position groups

The sweet sound of competition

These are the quarterbacks and weapons that now comprise the NFC West

The Rams had to keep up

Rams 2021 UDFA tracker

Who will the Rams add after the draft is over?

Complete list of Rams 2021 NFL Draft picks

Les Snead favors speedy athletes for offensive line help

Rams pick edge Chris Garrett with final pick of their draft

Garrett was a production monster in college, but at one of the smallest schools to be drafted out of

Rams add “the draft gem nobody is talking about” in the 7th round

"The draft gem nobody is talking about"

Les Snead gets another explosive athlete at RB

Les Snead is focusing on athletes in the draft

Rams select Earnest Brown with pick 174

Brown could potentially fill the void left by Morgan Fox

Pod-TST: What I love about the Rams moves in the 4th round

There’s a lot to like

Rams choose the “tall Tutu Atwell” of day 3 with pick 141

Thin, fast, he’s the Tutu Atwell of day 3!

Robert Rochell is an OUTSTANDING value on day 3

This is a great value pick for the Rams

Rams pick DT Bobby Brown III in the fourth round

LA is getting bigger upfront on defense


What will Les Snead do with his five picks on Saturday?

Grades and reactions to the Rams moves on day 2

Let’s talk about Tutu Atwell and Ernest Jones again

Best available players for Day 3

Lots of big men and plenty of corners for Les Snead to choose from on Saturday

Rams pick linebacker Ernest Jones to end day 2

Jones will be coming for a starting job

Rams TRADE picks with 49ers on Day 2

Les Snead will get two early picks on day 3

Pod-TST: Why Tutu Atwell is a great prospect at ANY point in the draft

An instant reaction to the Rams selecting Atwell in the second round


The LA Rams have two picks in round 3

The online reaction to the Rams drafting Tutu Atwell in round 2

Did the Rams reach for the lightest NFL wide receiver of the century?

Rams pick ‘DeSean Jackson, Jr.’ in second round

With the 57th overall pick, in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams select ...

2021 NFL Draft Day 2: Live Results and Reactions

The Rams have three picks on day 2 - Talk about it here!

Who tops your Rams day 2 draft wish list?

There are so many prospects left to choose from, including at center

Which remaining NFL draft prospect best fits with the Rams?

Players the Rams could consider


Follow and track the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft right here

2021 NFL Draft: Day One open thread

Who do you expect to get drafted or traded on Thursday?


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