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Rams to wear new uniform combination on Sunday against New York Giants

Team teases that players will wear yellow pants

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Scrimmage
Rams logo
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the season, the LA Rams promised they would have several new uniform combinations as they begin the new SoFi Stadium era and they aren’t afraid of changing looks.

The Rams’ special media department likes to have fun with fans and Tuesday, it produced another gem of a tweet to promote their new fashion look Sunday when the Giants visit SoFi Stadium. Here it is:

So, there you go, the Rams will be wearing their “sol” (yellow) pants with their royal jerseys. It is the first time this season the Rams will be wearing the yellow pants. The Rams wore their “bone” white looks in the first two games and then wore their royal blue uniforms in Buffalo.

Fans have been clamoring for their yellow pants and they will get it Sunday. Now, if the 2-1 Rams fall to the 0-3 Giants, no one may be looking for those yellow pants for a while.