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Robert Woods rewards Rams after agreeing to new deal

Appreciative receiver helps Rams move to 2-0

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Philadelphia Eagles
Robert Woods
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Rams receiver Robert Woods said it was “urgent” for him to get his contract extended before the Week 2 game at the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. The Rams accommodated Woods on Friday with a new contract that could be worth as much as $68 million.

It clearly meant a lot to the L.A. native, who went to USC. Shortly before Sunday’s game, Woods tweeted a heartfelt message to the Rams.

Then Woods went out and was a factor in the Rams’ 37-19 victory over the Eagles.

Woods had a touchdown run on a reverse and had three carries for 19 yards. He had two catches for 14 yards.

The Rams showed the world on Sunday that their offense is deep and it has a lot of weapons. Woods is part of that exciting group and he will be part of it for the next several years. Clearly. both he and the Rams are happy about that.