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Rams-Cowboys All-22: Robert Woods, Kenny Young featured on big plays

Plus Jordan Fuller’s tackle on Amari Cooper

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL had a technical glitch (allegedly) that delayed the release of the all-22 coaches film on Week 1 games, but things were back to normal on Thursday morning for those who like to see the whole field. All-22 footage can reveal plenty of information that we wouldn’t catch from the TV edit.

Here are a few notes from around the internet on how the Rams beat the Cowboys 20-17 in Week 1.

Robert Woods gains 30 over the top of Jaylon Smith

@RamsBrothers details delivers this all-22 shot of Jared Goff’s intermediate middle pass to Woods for the marquee play of the go-ahead touchdown drive in the third quarter. Goff has a spread in front of him and takes a large scoop of Woods by sailing a pass over the outstretched leaping arms of Jaylon Smith and the receiver picking up about 18 more yards for a gain of 30.

How Rams clever coverage led to a sack against Cowboys - Andy Benoit

Apparently Andy Benoit is breaking down plays for the Rams now? Or he’s freelancing. But on Thursday he posted his thoughts on Michael Brockers’ key sack of Dak Prescott on the first drive of the second half, resulting in a punt that setup the Malcom Brown touchdown drive that featured that Robert Woods catch.

Brockers took advantage of his sack opportunity, but Benoit details how the secondary and a fleet-footed Kenny Young at linebacker were able to force Prescott to take the fall.

On the play before the Jordan Fuller play, a Jordan Fuller play

Cowboys all-22 Twitter also delivers, this time on a failed pass attempt from Prescott to Amari Cooper in the red zone. Fuller would deliver the big tackle soon after.

The all-22 of Fuller’s tackle can be found here:

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