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Pod-TST: How these similar teams match up on Sunday

A talk on the Eagles, stats and movies

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have an elite interior defensive lineman and a shutdown cornerback on their defense. Offensively, they have a top-two pick from the 2016 draft at quarterback, a committee at running back that is led by a player drafted 53rd overall within the last two years, two established veterans at receiver (although only one of them will be active this Sunday), a 38-year-old left tackle, two receiving options at tight end and a coaching staff that took them to the Super Bowl within the last three years.

This is a relatable team to the Los Angeles Rams.

To talk about those close resemblances, I jumped on a Zoom with Jonathan Harris, a friend and performer I met at the UCB theater in Los Angeles who is also a well-informed Eagles fan who spends much of the livelong day with football.

We talked about:

  • Analytics, how much running backs matter and how that pertains to the return of Miles Sanders and Lane Johnson this week
  • Carson Wentz and later, how he is intrinsically tied to Jared Goff
  • Darius Slay and Philadelphia matchups at CB vs Rams WR
  • Jalen Ramsey and LA’s matchups at CB vs Eagles WR
  • Fletcher Cox and Aaron Donald
  • How good Washington’s front-7 really is vs how bad the Eagles o-line played
  • Tarkovsky and Jean Luc-Godard and Tommy Wiseau