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Pod-TST: Joe McAtee returns to talk Rams football

What’s Joe thinking about the upcoming season?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Longtime Turf Show Times writer and managing editor Joe McAtee (@3k_ on twitter) was, as usual, a good ass dude who hopped onto a website called “Cleanfeed” (not even Zoom!) for me and talked about the 2020 LA Rams for a little while. What has Joe been up to?

He has been working on some Rams content for BTH Rams, who you can follow on Twitter and they have a newsletter too.

We talked last week about the offensive line, the NFC West, and Joe’s general feelings about the team as we hadn’t discussed football with each other all year long. I had some trouble with my audio and that caused a delay in posting it — so apologies both for my audio and if there’s any outdated info based on changes since last week. But Joe is a great guest and as you all know, a great writer.