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Jared Goff tours SoFi Stadium

And we get a sneak peek at the Rams uniforms

We got a quick look at a few things of note last week when the LA Rams posted a video of quarterback Jared Goff taking his first tour of SoFi Stadium, including a look at Goff’s edition of the new uniforms, the new helmets, and of course, the new home.

“This is amazing,” exclaims the $134 million franchise player who in some ways has been as important to the team’s move back to Los Angeles as the stadium itself.

Goff gets a good look at the massive, double-sided Oculus video board that has been the centerpiece of SoFi’s interior, saying that should work for him as he watches from the sideline and awaits his turn to get back onto the field. COO Kevin Demoff — one of the main people responsible for how the stadium, uniforms, and logo look in 2020 — also joins Goff to show him and his girlfriend around the digs.

The Rams are scheduled to debut SoFi Stadium on Sept. 13 against the Dallas Cowboys, the first Sunday Night Football game of the season.