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20 Rams who don’t seem likely to make the final 53-man roster

It’s time to start thinking about how the Rams will get down to their last 53 players

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Scrimmage Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not personal, it’s just numbers. And the following list of 20 names could certainly contain a few who do make the final roster because we haven’t had that clear of a view of the depth chart this year. But we can also make educated guesses to start getting a picture of what the team might look like in two weeks.

The Los Angeles Rams have an 80-man roster that they need to get down to 53 on Sept. 5. That’s basically 10 more days to evaluate what they’ve got and which players they’ll need versus the ones who they expect to lose. It’s the last few cuts that seem to be the most difficult — naturally — but getting from 80 to 60 shouldn’t be as complicated.

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Here are 20 players currently on the LA Rams who may not have had enough time yet to prove necessary to the team in 2020, based mostly on the a simple deduction: we haven’t heard much of anything at all this training camp on any of them.

QB Bryce Perkins (UDFA)

RB Xavier Jones (UDFA)

WR JJ Koski (UDFA)

WR Easop Winston (UDFA)

WR Trishton Jackson (UDFA)

WR Earnest Edwards (UDFA)

C Jeremiah Kolone (2018 UDFA)

C Cohl Cabral (UDFA)

TE Kendall Blanton (2019 UDFA)

DE Eric Banks (UDFA)

DE Jonah Williams (UDFA)

DT Michael Hoecht (UDFA)

LB Josh Carraway (2017 7th round, TEN)

LB Daniel Bituli (UDFA, signed this week)

LB Derrick Moncrief (2017 UDFA, signed this week)

LB Jachai Polite (2019 3rd round, NYJ)

S Jake Gervase (2019 UDFA)

S Dayan Ghanwoloku (UDFA)

S Juju Hughes (UDFA)

K Austin MacGinnis (2018 UDFA)

Of course, any coach would tell you that undrafted free agents are a vital piece of the NFL and make up a huge chunk of the league. I believe all of these guys entered camp with a chance to win a roster spot but the simple fact is that with only 53 spots, they’re going to have a more difficult time winning a job over someone drafted in the fourth round or a veteran free agent whose proven something at the pro level.

And that also means that in the course of the last month, any of these guys may have proven to Sean McVay and their position coach that they do belong in the NFL. We simply haven’t had enough reports or seen enough to be able to parse out who those undrafted free agents might be.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t know anything.

Undrafted free agent rookie linebacker Christian Rozeboom has been cited as a player outperforming his non-draft status. We’ve also see seventh rounder Clay Johnston struggling to pick up the defense during episodes of Hard Knocks. Rozeboom over Johnston would not be surprising because we’ve had reports that would support that.

Rozeboom and Johnston are also two players who’d be left on the bubble here.

If the Rams cut those 20 players, they’d need to release seven more to get down to 53. They could also cut more than seven and be adding outside options before hosting the Dallas Cowboys on September 13th.

Here are 15 more names to consider to get from 60 to 53:

RB John Kelly

G Jamil Demby

G Tremayne Anchrum

C Coleman Shelton

TE Johnny Mundt

DL Marquise Copeland

DL Morgan Fox

LB Natrez Patrick

LB Justin Lawler

LB Christian Rozeboom

LB Clay Johnston

CB Donte Deayon

CB Adonis Alexander

S Tyrique McGhee

K Sam Sloman

This is obviously more names than what the Rams would need to cut to get to 53, or even to sign free agents or pick players up off of waivers. So don’t take this as “Here’s how the Rams get down to 45 players!” If anything, it is to consider all the options they have.

I hope some of my guesses here are ultimately proven wrong. Let me know ahead of time how wrong I am right now.