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Sean McVay worries he will look like a ‘total tool’ on ‘Hard Knocks’

 Rams coach is about to show some skin on HBO series

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
Sean McVay
Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Is Sean McVay about to go all HBO After Dark on us?

No, probably not yet, but it appears we are about to see more of McVay — or most NFL coaches — than we’ve seen before.

In an unintended tease for Tuesday night’s second episode of the Rams-Chargers Hard Knocks: Los Angeles, the good-natured McVay revealed that he is a little nervous about a certain scene. Apparently, the Hard Knocks film crew was at McVay’s home while he was shirtless in his pool and the 34 year old is worried he might be perceived as a “total tool” by a national audience.

Thank goodness Rex Ryan didn’t have a pool when the New York Jets were on Hard Knocks ...

Surely, the McVay scene will come off just fine. He’s a likable sort and may even serve as eye candy for some viewers.

After a weak rating for last week’s debut, if viewership surges this week, perhaps HBO and NFL Films will have further request for McVay.