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LA Rams on-field face coverings complete with new team logo available here

Wear the same coverings as the players for the inaugural season at LA’s SoFi Stadium

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COVID-19 has changed our world and within that created needs most of us have never had before, including wearing face masks and coverings in public to aide in preventing the spread of coronavirus. According to John Hopkins Medicine:

Because it’s possible to have coronavirus without showing symptoms, it is best to wear a face covering even if you think you are healthy. A mask helps contain small droplets that come out of your mouth and/or nose when you talk, sneeze or cough. If you have COVID-19 and are not showing symptoms, a face mask reduces your chance of spreading the infection to others. If you are healthy, a mask may protect you from larger droplets from people around you.


Your mask should cover your face from the bridge of your nose to under your chin. It should be loose fitting but still secure enough to stay in place. Make sure you can talk with your mask on and that it doesn’t irritate you, so you are not tempted to touch it or pull it out of place, which could put you at risk from touching your face or limit its effectiveness.

Considering the importance of wearing a face mask, you may as well buy one that has the Los Angeles Rams new logo on it.

Fanatics have released a line of authentic New Era on-field face coverings, which as the same as the Rams players and personnel will be wearing for their team’s inaugural season at SoFi Stadium.

What can be cooler than being decked out in the same coverings as Jared Goff and Sean McVay?