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Where could Rams take one-day trips to in 2020?

A night game at San Francisco in October is their best bet

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
Rams, 49ers
Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

Last week, Pro Football Talk reported that some NFL teams intend to take single-day trips during the 2020 regular season this year to cut down risk during the coronavirus pandemic by avoiding hotel stays.

In normal years, NFL teams travel the day before games and fly home directly after games. Often, teams based on the west and east coasts will travel two days before a game if their destination is on the other side of the country. With the Rams playing on the west coast and losing time when they travel to other time zones, they will only have a limited amount of opportunities to travel all in one day.

The Rams can get away with it on Oct. 18 to play at San Francisco, on Dec. 6 when they travel to Arizona and Dec. 27 when they go to Seattle. The trips to Philadelphia, Buffalo, Washington, Miami and Tampa Bay are simply not possible all in one day.

The game up in Santa Clara against the 49ers is the most suitable for a one-day trip because it is a night game with a 5:20 p.m. start. The Rams can leave L.A. in the late morning and still prepare fully for the game. The trips to Arizona and Seattle would require the Rams leaving L.A. early in the morning. It’s doable, but the team wouldn’t be very rested.

There is much to be figured out about this season and the travel approach Sean McVay takes with his team will be something to monitor.