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Rams’ Hall of Famer Kurt Warner to be played by ‘Shazam’ star Zachary Levi in upcoming movie

“American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story” follows the QB’s journey from stocking grocery shelves to Super Bowl champ

Kurt Warner
Photo credit should read ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP via Getty Images

An NFL team is nothing without a quality quarterback and a Kurt Warner biography is nothing without an actor to play the Rams’ legend.

The Hollywood huddle is now full for American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story. Actor Zachary Levi announced on Instagram he will play the role of Warner in the movie. He called it an “uplifting an inspiring” role. Levi is most recently known for playing the title role in the movie Shazam.

Warner used that fact to have a little fun on Twitter upon Levi’s announcement.

That’s appropriate because many Rams’ fans look at Warner as a superhero. He will forever be remembered for going from a grocery stocker in Iowa to leading the Rams to a Super Bowl win and being the NFL MVP in the 1999 season.

The quarterback’s unlikely NFL story ended in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His is one of the more remarkable sports stories of all time.

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed back filming of the movie, and it will be delayed from its original December release date. We will keep you updated, because, this is one movie I’m sure you don’t want to miss.

For more on Warner and the ‘99 Rams, be sure to follow Kenneth Arthur’s ongoing series reliving the one of the greatest seasons in NFL history.