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Random Ramsdom: NFL plans on making adjustments to IR for 2020

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2007 NFL Draft - April 28, 2007 Photo by Richard Schultz/Getty Images

In a recent article on, Mike Florio reported on the apparent agreement reached between the NFL and NFLPA regarding “the procedures for dealing with players who test positive for COVID-19.”

The agreement revolves around a new “classification” to the injured reserve list, which would allow teams to place players who test positive for coronavirus for up to three weeks. The open roster spot left by the positive player would then be filled by another from the extended practice squad.

Per Florio, the players who are forced to go on IR after testing will not have their salaries affected, although it’s unknown still what will happen in the case where a player is unable to return to the active roster after those three weeks are up. The owners are reportedly set to meet to finish discussions on the matter later today.

Aside from this new development, there are still plenty of variables that neither the NFL or NFLPA exactly know how they’re going to get fleshed out. In a recent tweet, Texans star J.J. Watt created a list of things that the NFLPA does know after four separate calls with their members.

In the end, like NFLPA J.C. Tretter pointed out in an open letter penned to fans, players don’t just want to return to work, they also want to stay there once they return. Knowing how the NFL plans to handle all potential scenarios regarding positive tests is the first step to reassuring the players and fans that they’ve got everything under control.

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