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NFL news: Players around the league voice concerns over training camp virus risks

Rams could be affected as California coronavirus cases rise

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams
Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

According to the Washington Post, the NFLPA is worried about opening training camp in cities and states were the coronavirus pandemic is soaring.

While nothing is set, the NFL is hoping to start training camps around the league on July 28, which is two weeks away. But the NFLPA has big concerns about some teams’ ability to start camp.

“We have one question that encapsulates it all: Does it make sense for the NFL to open up training camp in ‘hot spot’ cities right now?” the Washington Post quoted a source as saying.

The LA Rams could be affected by a delay if the NFLPA continues to voice their concerns. The coronavirus is on the rise in California and Governor Gavin Newsom rolled back the opening of businesses throughout the state on Monday.

Clearly California is on the list of hot spots that worry the players. California NFL teams are not the only franchises, the NFLPA is keeping an eye on. Texas, Florida and Georgia are also among the states that have seen major rises in coronavirus cases.

The Rams are set to hold training camp at their facility in Thousand Oaks. There is a lot to be figured out for the NFL to do any business this season and this development further clouds things for the Rams and several other NFL teams.