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Poll: Who are the Rams’ greatest non-division rivals?

Cowboys, Patriots and Raiders are all real contenders

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys
Rams, Cowboys
Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

We close out two weeks of Rivalry Week at SB Nation with this question: What NFL team do you think is the Rams’ biggest non-division rival?

Earlier in the week, we looked at the Rams’ biggest division rivals and, predictably, the San Francisco 49ers were the runaway winner. It goes back to the two teams being opponents for 70 years.

While the 49ers are clearly the Rams’ biggest rival, let’s look at their other rival, non-division category.

My choices are the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers and Las Vegas Raiders.

I’m betting the Cowboys have a real chance to win this because they have long been an NFC rival. The Saints are listed because they were formally in the NFC West. l‘m adding the Patriots and the Steelers because they both have beaten the Rams in the Super Bowl (New England has done it twice!) and the Raiders make the cut because they used to share the city of Los Angeles with the Rams.

This should be fun.

Please take our poll and express your thoughts in the comments section.


Who is Rams’ biggest non-NFC West rival?

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