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Gil Brandt makes big statement about Rams’ offensive line

Hall of Famer is bullish on maligned unit

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
Andrew Whitworth
Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Gil Brandt is an NFL institution and he is one of the most respected voices the game has ever seen.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame member was the architect of 1970s great Dallas Cowboys team. He now works for the NFL Network and has a show on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

I’ve known Gil for nearly 20 years and I Iearn something every time I talk to him. In short, if Brandt speaks about the NFL, you need to listen as he doesn’t just say stuff to say it.

That’s why a tweet by Brandt on Monday caught my attention.

Check this out:

I can’t lie. I was shocked seeing the Rams on this list. We all know the Rams had issues on the offensive line last year and many of those problems were caused by injuries. But the Rams were not nearly as effective on offense in 2019 as they were in 2018 — and the issues last year started on the line.

That doesn’t mean this unit can’t be very good in 2020, but it was, indeed, surprising to see them listed among the league’s best lines.

Predictably, Brandt received blowback about the tweet in his mentions, including from a colleague.

Brandt clapped back to Rosenthal, stating that there’s too much analytical bias against the Rams.

Again, I roll with Team Brandt. He’s a living cliché: He has forgotten more about football than most of us will ever know. So, the fact that Brandt is making this stance should give you hope that this unit can be successful in 2020.

The Rams definitely need it to happen.