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Random Ramsdom: John Johnson III named Rams’ most-promising building block

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San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Bleacher Report’s Gary Davenport took to the task of naming the “most-important building block” for each of the 32 NFL teams on Sunday and he named safety John Johnson III as that player for the Rams.

“The 2019 season was supposed to be a coming-out party for the Los Angeles Rams’ John Johnson III, a third-year safety who was coming off a 2018 season in which he logged 119 tackles and intercepted four passes,” Davenport explain. “Six games into the season, however, Johnson suffered a shoulder injury.”

Johnson is feeling extremely confident going into the 2020 season. He’s not that old just yet, but Johnson feels like he’s already a seasoned vet when he looks around and sees the amount of young pups in the secondary.

“We’ve got young guys coming in, and I’m going into Year 4 and I feel like I’m kind of the OG of the group,” he said. “I feel like I’m Year 8 or 9, so it’ll be fun just coaching those guys up and seeing them out there running and ripping.”

Looking at the back end of the Rams’ defense, it’s easy to see why he feels like an old-timer. Johnson will be surrounded by six other players, all of which are in their first or second seasons with the team.

Although Eric Weddle was only with the team for a single year, I hope Johnson took enough notes on how to be the mentor this group needs him to be.

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