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LA Rams give 2020 season ticket holders options for refunds or rollovers to 2021

Rams have open communication with fans regarding first season at SoFi Stadium

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams
Rams fans
Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

The LA Rams’ brass has thought about the 2020 NFL season often in the past few years in anticipation of the opening of the beautiful SoFi Stadium, which cements their return to Los Angeles.

There is no way anything like the coronavirus pandemic crossed their minds, though. But 2020 is a different for all of us and the Rams realize they must adjust how the first season in SoFi will be played out. According to The Athletic, the team sent a letter to season ticket holders informing them of changes and options.

The Rams let fans know about the NFL’s decision to tarp off lower sections. While explaining different capacity options, the team informed fans they can get a refund for season tickets.

Fans can also decide to opt out of this season, but still maintain their status as season ticket holders, which some other teams have offered as well.

While the NFL is determined to play this season, the status of fans is still very much unclear. Kudos to the Rams for being realistic and for having open flexible conversations with their fan base.