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Sean McVay admits he doesn’t see how teams are supposed to play while social distancing

And I think many of us are wondering the same

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In a conference call on Thursday, Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay said what many people are probably thinking but not getting a straight answer on: how are NFL teams supposed to do their jobs while also social distancing?

Per ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry, McVay told reporters, “We are going to social distance, but play football?! I don’t get it!”

As the NBA, NHL and MLB among other leagues discuss returns to play in the next two months after shutting down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the NFL has not yet announced any official changes to how teams are meant to practice or play football next season with respect to that. There was talk during a conference call with the NFL Players Association this week that the league is looking into a face shield for players to wear and that the league is looking to test coaches and players every three days.

Not much is known as of yet how the NFL plans to approach these questions and that may be simply because so much information changes week to week and day to day that it wouldn’t be prudent to do so until right up until the start, when the newest information is available.

Rams training camp dates have yet to be announced. Their first scheduled preseason game is Aug. 14 against the New Orleans Saints, though there have been rumors of the preseason getting reduced.