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Jared Goff is ready for some less football

The Rams QB says that’s “the way it should be”

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

On Wednesday, it was announced that the NFL is considering shortening the preseason by two games due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was already a discussion for years as to whether or not four preseason games was too many and put players at too much risk when the wins don’t count.

This refined schedule would give fans and the league at a glimpse of a two-game preseason and coaches an opportunity to find out how they’d go about final cuts if they had two fewer games to evaluate.

One player who is all for it is LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff, who said “that’s how it should be,” according to Red Zone Channel’s Andrew Siciliano.

The players who could be at risk with a shorter preseason are the ones who may be on the roster bubble. If there are two fewer games it could mean even more time for the starters who want to get extra opportunities to tackle someone or knock the rust off prior to Week 1.

However, preseason games also always devalued what tape you did see in the second half just based on the fact that now each side is playing against backups or other players who also won’t make their teams.

It’s not a simple question with a simple answer but certainly this is the type of year where preseason games make even less sense. Will it get to the point where they run a few scrimmages and get straight to the regular season? And would that be as acceptable?