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Todd Gurley passes physical with Falcons

The former Rams running back finally got to Atlanta this week

Los Angeles Rams v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Not that it was totally unexpected, but the Atlanta Falcons are officially comfortable with the current physical condition of Todd Gurley. As reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Tuesday morning, Gurley had to wait two months until he finally was able to make it to Atlanta at a time when it was safe and possible for him to do so, and that happened on Monday. He took his physical exam with the Falcons and there weren’t any reported complications.

Gurley and the LA Rams will forever be linked but now is the most relevant time to be monitoring his health and eventually his prowess as a running back the next time he steps on the field. The Rams are paying $11.75 million for Gurley to not be on the team anymore so it’s a bit of a gamble if he were able to quickly return to form in another uniform.

Whether or not Gurley, the NFL leader in rushing yards, yards from scrimmage, all-purpose yards, and touchdowns from 2017-2018, can do that next season will probably not show up on a physical exam. The Gurley who had those fantastic campaigns was not quite present in 2019 and the talk of arthritis of the knee also amplified why LA may have felt it was in their best interest to simply not waste his time in the offseason if they were planning on drafting the back to replace him.

Maybe he will make more sense for the Falcons.