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Random Ramsdom: Is Zac Taylor the Rams’ scapegoat from this past decade?

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Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

When they do well, we want a slice of that pie. When they don’t meet expectations, we immediately search for that thing so we can say “Hey, this is why we were bad. It wasn’t entirely because the team was not goof. Part of it was this thing right here.” In other words, we look for a scapegoat to point our finger at ...

In one of Bleacher Report’s latest articles by writer Kristopher Knox, they listed the “scapegoat” for every NFL team from the last decade.

For the L.A. Rams, that person is former quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor.

Knox immediately points to Jared Goff’s unfortunate outing in Super Bowl 53 where he completed just 19 of 38 passes for 229 yards and an interception.

“Goff was fantastic during the regular season—he passed for 4,688 yards with 32 touchdowns and 12 interceptions—and the duo was largely responsible for getting the Rams to the big game,” Knox said. “However, then-quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor can take the blame for failing to prepare Goff for the Patriots’ defensive onslaught. At no point during the Super Bowl did Goff appear comfortable or to trust what he was seeing on the field.”

Knox goes on to wonder if Taylor was more focused on the head coaching job he was about to accept with the Cincinnati Bengals than he was on the current moment of trying to win a Super Bowl. He also offers up the idea that maybe Taylor was simply not ready as a coach to take on the task of preparing Goff to face the Patriots and that havoc-wreaking defense. After all, Taylor only spent that one season as the QB coach after being the assistant wide receivers coach in 2017.

What do you all think? Did Know get this one right? Who else would you offer up as the scapegoat for the Rams during the 2010s?

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