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Video: The Rise and Fall of Todd Gurley

A breakdown of what went wrong for the Rams and Gurley from 2018 to 2019

NFL: DEC 29 Cardinals at Rams

This morning I watched “The Rise and Fall of Todd Gurley,” a video by SB Nation’s own Alex Rollins.

Alex wants to find out what happened and if there could be more left in the tank for Todd Gurley with the Atlanta Falcons. Alex does a fantastic job of simplifying Sean McVay’s offense for even the daftest of NFL Xs and Os fans like myself and explaining why he believes Gurley was successful and then not successful with the LA Rams.

There’s also info about what worked for McVay in the 2018 regular season but then failed him against Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. With an inferior offensive line in 2019 and a steady stream of defenses who were copying the Patriots and the 6-1 defense, the Rams and Gurley struggled to replicate their previous successes.

The result: Alex doesn’t think Todd Gurley is done and is ready to prove he’s still a threat. I wonder how many Rams fans would agree with that. Or how many Rams.