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Rams 2020 schedule: What I’m most looking forward to seeing

Five thoughts that stick out

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
Tom Brady
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

We are a few hours away from the reveal of the NFL 2020 regular season schedule, which is set to be announced at 4:30 p.m. PT Thursday afternoon.

Here are some things I’m looking forward seeing on the Rams’ schedule:

SoFi Stadium debut:
This is the big one, right? When will the Rams play their first game in SoFi Stadium. Reportedly, it will either be against the Patriots or the Jets because all four games against the AFC East because of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic. I’m not sure either matchup is sexy enough (the reality of the post-Tom Brady Patriots) for a Sunday night Week 1 game. But I can see the Rams hosting the back end of the Week 1 Monday night doubleheader.

How many prime-time games?
The Rams played five primetime games in 2019, the season after they went to the Super Bowl. After not making the playoffs last year, and seeing some key veterans leave this offseason, how attractive will the Rams be to a national audience?

Weeks 5 and 17:
I’d bet these game are going to be both against NFC West foes if the intra-conference reports are true. The Week 17 game will certainly be. What’s the breakdown going to be?

Tom Brady game:
When will the Rams play at Tampa Bay and face Brady? They should hope it’s earlier in the season. The longer the season goes on, the more comfortable with his new surroundings and new teammates Brady will become.

Tua time:
The later in the season, the chances are that the Dolphins may start playing first-round pick, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. If the report about the AFC East is correct, the Rams will face Miami in the first quarter of the season. Thus, if true, the Rams could miss him.