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What are you re-living from your childhood recently?

It’s Marvel Week at SB Nation

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

It’s Marvel Week at SB Nation. This probably means “movies” to most people and although I’ve seen 17 or 18 MCU entries according to a glance at Wikipedia I did just now, I think I’d much prefer focusing on when Marvel was in its glory days for me: when I was 12.

I’ve kept onto all my Marvel trading cards, including my personal favorite, the Marvel Masterpiece series.

My favorite comic book and heroes was/were/is X-Men and my favorite character within that world is Gambit. I mean, it’s all very good nostalgic content from my childhood, though my days for longing for a Gambit movie are over. Even if it was really good, I don’t even think it should be made for me. I would want to see the adult Gambit. The retired Gambit who actually has given up the life. There’s no redemption. He’s just sad, lonely, and living in Costa Rica. Farewell, mon ami.

So I’m not really dipping into my forgotten love of X-Men during quarantine so I can’t really speak to what most people think of when they think of “Marvel” these days, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dipping into my childhood. During quarantine I’ve been binge watching old family sitcoms like Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, Step by Step, and Full House. Like most people, I’ve seen Full House so many times to already know what to expect, but there were probably a lot of episodes of Perfect Strangers I’d never seen (and not in over 20 years) and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well the writing holds up. Even Step by Step is very funny at times.

I think these last two months have given us a lot of time to think about what we’d like to re-visit with this new, unusual time on our hands at home. So what has that been for you? Whether it’s related to sports, a comic book, movies, TV, snacks that you haven’t eaten since you were a kid, games you haven’t played, or people you haven’t spoken to ... what are you re-living from your childhood during this time?

Or feel free to talk about Marvel and ignore me.