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What are the Rams apparent 2021 needs?

A look ahead with the past in mind

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

The main takeaway for negative reactions to the LA Rams draft is that they didn’t address “needs” for next season, specifically along the offensive line. If this is true, then it would be safe to assume that o-line is a need next year. But that is probably always safe to assume for the unit that requires the most roster spots of any position group.

What else can we assume or project to be seen as immediate “needs” for next year? Keeping in mind that some of those needs (receiver) were addressed (Van Jefferson) this year, or at least the first attempt has been made.

Linebackers (All)

The Rams may have their most questions right now at the linebacker position and several key names could be gone by next year. Cory Littleton and Dante Fowler were lost this offseason, Samsom Ebukam will be a free agent next year, and Leonard Floyd was only signed to a one-year contract. Will the team be starting Micah Kiser? Kenny Young? Rookie Terrell Lewis? Ogbonnia Okoronkwo?

Maybe LA will find a linebacker there that everybody really likes, but the odds say that they’ll probably have a need at the position in a year.


I have confidence that the Rams will extend Jalen Ramsey before next season. It’s been too long since a huge contract was signed and Les Snead’s pen is getting depressed. Who else though? Troy Hill is a free agent. The team drafted David Long in the third round in 2019 and Terrell Burgess in the third round in 2020, with Burgess as a safety who could potentially play nickel.

Hard to see anyone on the roster right now who is likely to ease the need for a stronger player opposite of Ramsey.


I think if I had to have a preference, I would always rather find a great tackle than a great guard. Even if you already have two starting tackles, one of the three can move inside and give you another upgrade at a third position if they’re all that good. But even right now we have no idea who the four starters other than Andrew Whitworth will be.

I could definitely see the Rams feeling confident in three or maybe even four offensive line positions headed into 2021 (not many pending free agents here either), but I’d also bet they need at least one starter and certainly better depth.

Interior Offensive Line

Yeah, I mean, this also.


I wouldn’t be overtly concerned yet but there’s definitely a chance that the Rams wind up in a position where they have to choose between Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods. Kupp is a free agent and Woods would carry $9 million in savings if released or traded, and only has that one year left on his contract. Especially if Van Jefferson makes a strong first impression. I think the preference is definitely to keep both Kupp and Woods, but in either case, receiver seems like somewhat of a need if the team is looking ahead.

Seemingly by design they’d be set at: QB, RB, TE, DT

The Rams do not have a first, fourth, or fifth round pick next year.