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What memories do you have from attending 2018 Rams games?

With potentially no fans in attendance next season, what memories do you have from being at Rams games?

NFL: SEP 15 Saints at Rams Photo by Icon Sportswire

The hard truth about the 2020 NFL season, should it happen and begin on time, is that having fans in the stands will be a complication that no expert has an absolute solution or answer for at this time. And probably not until the season draws at least a couple of months closer and we’ve been able to see how other leagues — ones that will attempt to run seasons sooner — adapt or don’t adapt and what the results are.

For now, the most commonly accepted assumption seems to be that the 2020 season will run without fans in the stadium. Which got me thinking about fans in the stadiums.

The 2018 Los Angeles Rams had one of their best seasons in franchise history and many of you probably attended a game that year. And there were a ton of memorable games in 2018, whether it be the highs of beating the Kansas City Chiefs 54-51 at home or the low of losing to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. There were home wins over all three rivals in the NFC West, a last minute nail biter against the Green Bay Packers, a playoff win over the Dallas Cowboys at home, and a road trip to the New Orleans Saints that changed the rules of the league.

For a season.

What memories from attending games in the 2018 season — or perhaps any other season if it strikes you — stand out to you most? Did you go to the Super Bowl? Did you travel to New Orleans? There were four seasons in the Coliseum and that ended in December. How often did you find yourself in attendance and have you been planning to go more often to SoFi?