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What moment in Rams history made you cry?

It’s crying week at SB Nation

Few people will forget the greatest moment in 70s LA Rams history, as Tom Jarrett led them to a dramatic Super Bowl win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. In this clip, you can see exclusive access into the Rams locker room, in the trainers’ car, and of an angel.

They of course came back 21 years later and won the Super Bowl again:

There have been good moments. There have been bad moments. There have been sad moments. There have been Warren Beatty moments. The Rams have existed in some form since 1937 so whether you were born during WWII or Y2K, you’ve probably experienced nearly the full range of highs and lows with the St. Louis / Los Angeles Rams. They’ve been at the very top and the very bottom.

What are the moments that made you cry for the good reasons or the bad reasons or the sad reasons or the TV reasons?