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Random Ramsdom: Terrell Burgess tabbed as Rams’ surprise gem

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Reese’s Senior Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Good NFL teams hit on the first few picks of their draft more often than not year-in and year-out. The great teams, however, also manage to nail their mid-late round picks more consistently than the rest of the competition.

Managing to find impact players among the weeds is one of the best ways for NFL teams to get better at an accelerated pace. It also allows them better cap flexibility in the future when players making the league minimum are getting the job done over veterans making twice or three times as much.

The Rams may have found that type of tremendous value at the end of the third round in Terrell Burgess, a versatile defensive back out of Utah with an intimidating style of play. According to Bleacher Report’s Brent Sobleski, Burgess has the chance to be a “surprise gem” among the Rams’ draft class.

“Terrell Burgess is listed as a safety, but he’s really a nickel corner in disguise,” Sobleski says. “The Los Angeles Rams plan to utilize numerous disguised coverages thanks to the versatility found among the group of Burgess, John Johnson III and Taylor Rapp.”

That group has also been receiving some consistent votes of confidence from Sean McVay in recent weeks.

“Feel really good about those guys, but there’s a lot of different personnel groupings you can activate defensively where you’re playing with three safeties,” McVay told members of the media. “When you’ve got a guy that can play safety or that nickel spot based on his athleticism, it’s a really exciting thing to be adding to that group.”

With the current personnel on the roster, Sobleski thinks the Rams could make “Big nickel” their most popular defense in 2020. Since Burgess can line up at both safety and slot corner, the scheme shift could limit the need for substitutions and keep the defense at an advantage.

“The Rams, in turn, will be less predictable with their defensive approach,” he said,

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