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Random Ramsdom: My personal review of the Rams new uniforms

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I think the best way I can describe how I feel about the new uniforms is that I’m ... confused.

But let’s start with the positives first.

I’m a big fan of the colors. The “Rams Royal” is absolutely going to pop on televisions along with the “Sol” secondary color. The away unis, the ones dubbed “bone on bone,” are the best, in my opinion. Everyone loves unique looks and I think the Rams achieved that by leaning into a new color not yet used by any other team.

For fans of contemporary designs, the blue chrome helmet and new horns are also probably big winners. The team and their designers made the firm decision to take the team into the future with the entire look and it’s impossible to say they didn’t achieve that, as well.

But that last part is where my reservations start to show up. For a team with one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in the history of the NFL, why stray so far from what got them there? The team stated they wanted to stay true to history while bringing it into the future, but I’m not entirely sure what part screams “historic.”

The Ram horn on the shoulder of the home blue uniform is much different than the bone away version. Also, the away has broadcast numbers on the sides and the home uni does not. In making that decision, they had to change the size of the horn decal to make it work.

I think the biggest question mark on the entire decision-making process is simply “why include a name patch above the left breastplate?” It looks fine on the home uniform as the blue is the same tone but why make the patch pure white on a jersey that’s essentially off-white? It might as well be an ad placement. It’s out of place in the worst way.

One of the newer aspects of the whole thing is the bone detailing within the numbers. That’s certainly one of the cooler concepts and is the biggest distinguisher of these unis compared to the rest of the NFL. You won’t see them on television, but they’ll certainly be noticeable when you’re wearing your jersey and seeing others around the stadium.

In trying to keep this quick and dirty, I’m simply confused at the thoughts that went into making a handful of the decisions for the new look. When you have countless fans with really good ideas and opinions about the look, how did some of these “far-out” concepts get smoothly pushed through focus groups and other types of checks and balances?

I just don’t know. But in the end, the uniforms will look much better once they’re on the players themselves and I think fans and the rest of the NFL will get used to them the same way we all got used to the Browns and Bucs when they first dipped their toe into the futuristic uniform idea.

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