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LA Rams new uniforms revealed on Wednesday morning

With a new stadium, new logos, and new colors, the Rams had one reveal party left to go

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The Los Angeles Rams have new uniforms to add to their collection of news things. After the highly anticipated reveal of the new logo experienced plenty of hitches (at least as far as fan reaction goes), the Rams had weeks to regroup and plan dropping the news of their new uniforms.

That happened on Wednesday morning and here they are, along with the new helmets.

The numbers are ESPECIALLY round on these uniforms and there’s certainly some new stuff to get used to as far as the colors and the way they are distributed upon those numbers. These uniforms are 100% different to the last uniforms though, which at least is something I can’t say about the other six teams to get new unis this year.

The Rams will also be playing in a new stadium in 2020 (or beyond depending on the situation in September) and SoFi Stadium’s full debut and unveiling remains on the docket, too. At least we do have a pretty good idea by now of what that looks like and we can mostly all agree is very cool.

Aaron Donald

Cooper Kupp

Jared Goff

Robert Woods


The LA Rams new jerseys are

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