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Getting to know Jonah Williams

Rookie pass rusher from Weber State may have a chance

Weber State v Idaho State
Jonah Williams
Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

One of the more intriguing undrafted free agents that have agreed to terms with the Rams is Jonah Williams.

Some NFL observers think the pass rusher from Weber State has a chance to make the Rams’ roster so I wanted to dig into him a little bit.

Williams is 6’5 and 275 pounds, which is a great frame for a pass rusher going into the NFL. Many young pass rushers need to put on weight. He also has 4.67 speed, which is a terrific time for a pass-rusher of his stature.

Most importantly, Williams produced on the field. He was name the Big Sky Conference Defensive MVP and was a small-school All-American.

Williams entered Weber State in 2016 after serving a two-year church mission.

He’ll turn 25 in August, which is an advanced age for a rookie, especially one who may need some time to season on the NFL level. But he has ability. He has 15 career sacks and 28 tackles for loss — 7.5 sacks as a senior last year.

Plus, he clearly moves well ... check this out:

If Williams can show enough in training camp and in the preseason, the Rams may find a place for him.

Here are some Williams’ highlights: