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Rams WR Cooper Kupp changes jersey number

Kupp is going back to his college digits

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

LA Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp wore #10 at Eastern Washington University and it was the number he wanted in the NFL, but unfortunately at the time it belonged to Pharoh Cooper. Cooper held onto it for two seasons and as of last season, nobody was #10. Kupp, who has worn #18 since getting drafted by the Rams, opted to finally change that.

He will be changing his number from 18 to 10 beginning next season. And if you’re upset because you bought a Kupp jersey — as many have, as he’s one of the most reliable, talented, and entertaining players on the team — he has an option for you: send the old jersey in and he will re-purpose it into a garment that was designed by his wife. So long as you bought your jersey this year.

I’m sure many would like their Kupp jerseys to remain as Kupp jerseys, but he is surely within his rights to play in the jersey that he prefers. Kupp is just three years into a career that has the potential to last for over a decade. This may also be a sign that he fully believes he will be with the team beyond 2020 — Kupp is a free agent in 2021 — and that he wants to lock that number in now while he can.

Or he just wants a new number.