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Rams 7-round mock draft by random Google searching

Which 6 prospects do the Rams come away with after randomly searching Google?

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It is a little harder to report on NFL mock drafts (probably a good thing) when the team doesn’t have a first round pick. But anyone writing about the LA Rams should be used to it, or get used to it quickly. I still enjoy the process of getting to know the players that said team could become acquainted with in the near future and even if the Rams don’t select that player, I could still follow them on another team.



Instead of doing my own mock draft or looking at one other person’s, I decided to just create an amalgamation of a 7-round mock draft by Ram-dom Google searching. I think it’s self-explanatory.

“Rams mock draft 2nd round”

The first hit is an article about Todd McShay’s latest mock draft connecting them to:

52. LA Rams select Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, LSU

This may be a controversial pick to select a running back with their first pick, but hey the blood is on Todd’s hands. Not mine.

“NFL Mock Draft Round 3”

The first hit is the third round of a mock draft at Walter Football. (Woo boy that WalterFootball dug its heels in the ground so many years ago and has stuck to the top of Google ...)

84. LA Rams select Ben Bredeson, G, Michigan

This would be a lot less controversial, I imagine.

“2020 NFL Mock Draft pick 100”

The Rams pick is 104 but I just chose 100 because who cares? I wasn’t going to get a direct hit or anything. What I got first was a 4-round mock draft at The San Diego Union-Tribune.

104. LA Rams select Terrell Burgess, S, Utah

I don’t hate it. I don’t know anything about Terrell Burgess. But I don’t hate it. There have been successful players named Terrell. There have been successful players named Burgess.

“2020 NFL Mock Draft 4th round”

The top hit comes from

126. LA Rams select Shyheim Carter, CB, Alabama

They keep building on that secondary. Nice pick. I’ve heard of the college football program at Alabama.

“2020 NFL Mock Draft the tom brady pick”

So the Rams next pick is 199, which is where Tom Brady was famously drafted. I knew that this Google search wouldn’t be a direct hit but it was less painful than I thought. The fourth hit is for a 7-round mock draft at CBS Sports.

199. LA Rams select Myles Bryant, CB, Washington

I wouldn’t call it a snafu or anything because cornerbacks certainly are difficult to find and this mish-mash mock draft has landed the Rams two of them on back-to-back picks plus a safety. It’s not the worst problem.

“7th round 2020 mock draft go rams”

We end things at Fansided, with a seven round mock draft of their own.


234. LA Rams select Reginald Robinson III, CB, Tulsa

Hey look, the important thing is I tried.