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Former Rams’ QB Jim Everett has fun remembering unforgettable moment with Jim Rome

April 6 is 26th anniversary of epic TV confrontation

LASEC Hosts NFL All-Access With The Los Angeles Rams
Jim Everett
Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

April 6, 1994 is a memorable day in Rams’ off-field history.

It was the day Jim Everett got his revenge against a then-young, cocky TV/radio host named Jim Rome.

For years, Rome chastised the NFL quarterback by calling him “Chris Everett.” It was a derogatory reference to Everett, who became infamous for taking a “phantom” sack in the 1989 NFC championship game against the 49ers in which Everett was brutalized in a lopsided Rams’ defeat at the hands of their rival.

Rome’s dig was a reference to women’s tennis star Chris Evert. It was rude to both Jim Everett and Chris Evert and it was completely unnecessary. But Rome used it as a non-stop gag.

Everett agreed to go on Rome’s show 26 years ago today despite Rome’s history of mocking him. On cue, Rome went to the “Chris” card. Everett warned him. Rome didn’t not stop and this happened:

Everett has owned his reaction and Monday, he clearly had fun with it with this tweet:

Everett was actually traded from the Rams, for who he played for from 1986-93, to New Orleans days before the Rome interview. Everett, now 57, is been closely connected to the Rams in retirement. He is wearing the team’s new logo in Twitter profile photo.

As for Rome, his career has developed did just fine, of course.