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Sean McVay can’t gather people at his home — or anywhere else — for the NFL draft

The LA Rams must all be separated during the virtual draft, as all 32 teams must do, according to the NFL

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

LA Rams coach Sean McVay said last week that when the 2020 NFL Draft is held remotely for all 32 teams, without the same amenities that teams are used to because of the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, he may just keep the war room in his home and have as many personnel as safe come over to make the picks. The NFL announced some of their rules for the April 23-25 event and it includes prohibiting McVay, or anyone else, from gathering anywhere.

You must be alone and hope that your internet connection is as solid as your draft plan.

“NFL teams cannot gather at one person’s home. Each person for him or herself during the draft,” said ESPN’s Adam Schefter in a separate tweet. The league also said that “our staff will carry out its responsibilities in the same way, operating in separate locations outside of our offices.”

I have no idea how many people are involved in any given draft, but it is certainly in the hundreds, at least. In the thousands when you include players and agents. And they’ll all be isolated.

The LA Rams will be one of a handful of teams not picking on the first day of the draft, April 23, barring a trade. And given the circumstances, maybe that’s not such a bad thing this year. It will be interesting.