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Todd Gurley reportedly won’t join Clay Matthews in grievance against Rams

Rams owe both players money

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams
Clay Matthews, Todd Gurley
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Clay Matthews has reportedly filed a grievance against the L.A. Rams for unpaid bonus money. Yet, running back Todd Gurley reportedly won’t join Mathews in a financial fight agains his former team.

Here is ESPN’s report about Mathews’ grievance Wednesday.

Matthews spent a single season In 2019 with the Rams, whereas Gurley spent five seasons with the team after being a first-round pick in 2015. Both players were released this offseason and both have since expressed publicly disappointed in the lack of payment by the Rams.

Rams’ general manager Les Snead told the NFL Network earlier this month that both Gurley and Matthews will be paid what they are due:

“They’re definitely owed money. That money is guaranteed. We’re going to pay them. There’s some language in the contract of exactly when you pay them, and that’s what we’re adhering by. What I do know is both Clay and Todd earned that money and they’re going to get that money.”

For now, at least, Gurley apparently trusts the Rams’ word more than Matthews does.