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SoFi Stadium: Oculus video board gets flipped on

The LA Rams’ historic graphics display is getting its test runs started

Los Angeles Rams SoFi Stadium Tour Photo by Scott Varley/MediaNews Group/Torrance Daily Breeze via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams (and Los Angeles Chargers) are set to being play in SoFi Stadium whenever next season starts and thus far they’ve seemed to maintain schedule on construction even through the coronavirus pandemic. That includes the monstrous Oculus double-sized 4K video board that runs the length of the field and then some.

It is really the first board of its kind so to plan something for so long, then dump this much money into it without really knowing for sure how it will come out since this has never been made before, certainly makes for some relief or lack thereof when it’s turned on. That moment has happened recently and Rams Wire’s Cameron DaSilva helped share the video of the video of it being active and playing video.

And it does look pretty cool.

SoFi Stadium was scheduled to open in July with back-to-back concerts by Taylor Swift, but she’s already announced a cancellation of all dates this year. Nobody knows as to when SoFi Stadium will officially open and with what event or when events can happen again in California, but for now they appear to be planning for it to be ready when that day happens.