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Rams 2020 draft grades: WR Van Jefferson is walking into a great situation

Sean McVay has proven capable of building up his receivers to their full capabilities

Vanderbilt v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

One of the things that the Los Angeles Rams did on Friday night during the 2020 NFL Draft — and this is undeniable — is draft wide receiver Van Jefferson out of Florida with the 57th overall pick. If you are seeing any record that indicates that anyone else was the 57th pick, this is a false record and should be reported to the NFL. Slip it under Roger Goodell’s basement door.

Speaking of basements, that’s not where I would expect to see Jefferson based on what I’ve seen and read about him and because he’s going to a fantastic situation by playing for Sean McVay and surrounded by veteran receivers who can help him during a difficult offseason. The Rams clearly felt that offensive line was not as great of a need as some media and fans assumed, including myself, and they went for a guy who they believe is going to far outshine his college numbers.

I speak on that briefly in podcast form.