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Rams draft results: Impressive Day 2

A perfect Friday for Snead and McVay

Florida v Georgia
Van Jefferson
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

I’ve been spending most of the draft over at Silver and Black Pride chronicling the Raiders. But I wanted to jump in here before the final day of the draft starts and give you my thoughts on what the Rams did last night.

In short, I’m impressed. Let’s break it down:

I like every pick: I liked every name that was called for the Rams. I really like the Van Jefferson and Terrell Lewis picks. These guys were underdrafted and came become stars.

Snead and McVay worked well together: Friday was a as smooth draft in the time of social distancing. Les Snead gave Sean McVay guys he can mold on offense. Cam Akers and Jefferson can flourish in this offense They are great fits.

A great comeback: Remember, this team had five draft picks going into the offseasons. They got four players on Day Two that can be part of a reload. It couldn’t be better. They plugged holes at need positions.

The plan today: Have to think the Rams will look to add an offensive lineman or two to help rebuild the unit.