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Random Ramsdom: So that offensive line must be ok, right?

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Miami v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The Rams had four picks to utilize on day two of the 2020 NFL Draft. Heading into the night, many of us would have probably been comfortable putting money down on at least one of those four selections being a depth piece at tackle or some new competition among the interior.

That was not the case last night.

The Rams likely surprised the majority of the fan base when they selected Florida State running back Cam Akers with their first pick in the entire draft. If you were upset by it, I get it. The wait was long to finally see the team make their initial selection and it wasn’t an immediate position of need. But there were three more picks on the night, one had to go to the OL.

(long sigh)

With the remaining three picks on day two, the Rams proceeded to take a wide receiver edge-rusher, and a new defensive back.

Van Jefferson was actually viewed pretty highly among the scouting community and I was actually a fan of that one. However, good tackles remained on the board, specifically Houston’s Josh Jones who lasted into the third round.

Edge-rusher and safety were actually needs the team needed to hit on at some point but both should have come following an OL. Lewis is a solid but unspectacular pick while Burgess was seen as one of the more versatile secondary defenders in the class. While you usually see corners move to safety, Burgess has been seen as a potential candidate to move from safety to corner. Regardless of which spot he sticks at, it’s a need filled.

With three picks remaining today, of course the line can be addressed, but the best talent left could easily be gone before the Rams are on the clock at #124.

For whatever the reason, it looks like McVay is comfortable with whom he has ready and available up front. Whether or not that’s something you personally feel content with is another story.

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