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NFL Mock Draft Game: Beat your friends at beating the draft

How good are you at predicting where certain players will go and what certain teams will do?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have known, I did a two-round mock draft over Zoom with some friends this week and you can read/listen to those here. But the four of us are doing another NFL exercise today, submitting our own first round mocks with the intent to generate points and then ultimately, a “winner.”

The game was posted on Twitter by Ryan Meharry and goes like this ...

A) Create a complete first round mock. You can do trades and maybe you should for fun and for points.

B) That’s it. That’s all the work you have to do. But there will be strategy in how to do that the best. You get points for accuracy.

Correct team/player/pick (with trade): 150 points

Correct team/player/pick (no trade): 100 points

Correct team/pick (wrong player): 75 points

Correct player/pick (wrong team): 50 points

Player, one pick off: 25 points

Player, two picks off: 15 points

Player, three picks off: 10 points

Player, four picks off: 5 points

Post your first round mock in the comments below, but if you don’t comment or haven’t joined Turf Show Times in order to comment, you can DM me your first round over on Twitter.

Let’s say you have this top five:

1. Bengals - Joe Burrow

2. Washington - Chase Young

3. Dolphins (trade) - Tua Tagovailoa

4. Giants - Isaiah Simmons

5. Falcons (trade) - Tristan Wirfs

Let’s then say that you actually got that exactly right. You get:

1. 100 points

2. 100 points

3. 150 points

4. 100 point

5. 150 points

That would be phenomenal, of course. Let’s say that the top three is right, but at four the Giants picked Jeff Okudah, who went sixth (15 points), Simmons goes sixth (15 points), and the Lions stay where they are and select Mekhi Becton, who you had going 10th, so you get no points. Wirfs goes eighth (10 points.)

For your top five, you’d get 490 points. I think.

So if anyone would like to participate, post your mocks in the comments section below. We’ll tally up the points and see who did best for round one. You’ve got the benefit of no bias with the Rams not having a first, so what do you think the other teams will do?