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Check out this interview with a Rams assistant QB coach

Liam Coen on Tom Brady, the new logo, and a lot more

NFL: DEC 01 Rams at Cardinals Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There are a few things you’ll immediately find out about Liam Coen in almost any article or interview you read about him.

He’s from Rhode Island. He was the starting quarterback for UMass from 2005-2008, drawing national acclaim amid the people who follow Division-II football. He wore No. 12 because of Tom Brady and in fact was in attendance during the Tuck Rule game. He has spent the last two seasons as the L.A. Rams assistant wide receivers coach but he is now the assistant quarterbacks coach.

And now if you continue with this article and subsequent video, you’ll learn a little bit more about Coen.

This week, Coen sat down with Yianni Kourakis from WPRI in Rhode Island for a remote interview and I watched the whole thing. I’m posting the link here so that you too can watch it and perhaps gain a little more insight into the Rams and their assistant coaches.

- How is he dealing with doing his job during coronavirus?

- The transition from assistant WR coach to assistant QB coach

- The disappointment of 2019 and how close the Rams were to not being perceived as being disappointing at all. “We could probably attest it to 20 plays on the season,” he says of the difference between a great season and the one that they had.

- Liam’s thoughts on his favorite player going to the Bucs

- His thoughts on Teddy Bridgewater, Cam Newton, Tyrod Taylor, Jameis Winston, and some other QBs

- His thoughts on the logo. “It’s a little bit different and funky, but ultimately ... ultimately I think it’s gonna look pretty cool on gear and things like that. It’s wearing on me. It’s growing on me.”

- “It looks like everything is still on schedule” re: SoFi Stadium. (I’m sure he has no inside info here but to his credit throughout the interview, answered all questions to the best of his knowledge.)