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Rams’ draft: Trade value of No. 52

The Rams can easily move up and down from their top draft pick

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Los Angeles Rams
Les Snead
Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

The Rams’ first pick of the draft is No. 52, in the second round, with L.A. having a total of seven picks.

With many needs, the Rams might opt to trade down to get more picks. But general manager Les Snead may want to trade up to get more value at the top of the draft.

Let’s look at the trade value of the pick:

Trading up
The Rams could package No. 52 and No. 57 (acquired from Houston in the Brandin Cooks trade last week) and could get into the first round. They could probably start to offer teams in the 26-28 range with that package.

The potential of acquiring a first round pick from the Cooks’ trade was part of the package. The downside is many people around the league think the talent level dips after the first 16 picks. So, the Rams might be better off sticking with the two second-round picks.

The Rams could also package No. 52 with No. 84, in the third round, to get into the 34-37 range. But the same risks are in play.

Trading down
Last year, the Rams traded No. 56 to the Chiefs, who took receiver Mecole Hardman, and received No. 61, and No. 167 in the fifth round. So, if the Rams want to trade down a few picks from No. 52, they could ask for a fourth-round pick as well.